This month has flown by and I'm happy (and nervous) to post that I'm only a few days from leaving! I don't have anything ready for the trip of course, but excited nonetheless. :)

I finally broke down and booked the Mandalay Bay for my one night in Vegas. The price was ok (for a Saturday night) and although it's not in the middle of things I think it will work out great. I'm going to dig through my store bins and pack a bag of toy donations to take with me. I wish I had planned ahead and ordered some specific things but I can always send packages later.

I finished reading the book I had ordered, Best Friends: The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary. If you haven't read it then definitely make it a point's amazing. It's a fast and easy read too, I finished it in one night. (plus I couldn't put it down once I started) Only four more days!!!