Thursday, March 6th

Long overdue, I know...I don't have a ton of pictures from this morning as I did a lot of actual physical work. ;)

We took Miss Bonnie Belle back to Dog Headquarters this morning and turned in her excellent report. She's a doll and her new family is so lucky! I was planning on working at the Lodges today, but Jorge was in the Gardens alone and needed some help. I had a great time with him the day before so I volunteered to head over there to help out. First, however, I couldn't pass up puppy class with the "coffee" dogs...they were all named after coffee drinks. Here's Cathi with one of the pups...
After that I headed to the Gardens where Jorge and I proceeded to clean both octagons. Let me tell's a LOT of work. These buildings are kept spotless, they smell great, the dogs are clean and happy but it doesn't happen magically. My rear was dragging by lunchtime. It felt good, though...much better than sitting at a desk all morning.
A few of the Garden pups...including Bonnie Belle and her roomies. :) (I don't have my journal handy so I'll come back and label the pics)
Long before I came to BF I saw a boy on their site that I just fell in love love. I hadn't seen him yet this week and when I asked Jorge he took me right over. As soon as I saw Ozzie's face I was smitten. He had came from a California rescue that had closed down, he was then adopted and returned after a couple years for "not bonding enough". Sigh. Don't even get me started.

There's a whole Ozzie post coming so I'll stop here about him but I can't say enough what an AWESOME dog he is. By this time it was lunchtime and Jen and I were meeting up at the Sanctuary cafe. I could kick myself for not eating there everyday of the week...unbelievable food. I would be sooo much healthier if I ate like that everyday, I just need to find someone to make it! Or maybe I should move to Kanab. ;)

Next...after lunch we head to the Lodges where I lose my heart a hundred times over. ;)

Excuse # 54902372054

OK, I really don't have an excuse except that life has gotten in the way. My goal this weekend is to finish this trip don't give up on me yet!

Wednesday, March 5th

Jazzy and I spent a cozy night in bed then decided to take the Canyon drive on the way back to DHQ in the morning. We stopped to visit with some of the horses by the Disney Barn...they didn't really care if we were there or not. ;)After dropping her off I decided to explore Cats a bit more...I just love the buildings over here and the freedom the cats have. Truly a feline paradise. A few of the buildings...

I ate at the buffet on property today (it was AWESOME!) then decided to head to the Lodges to help out for the afternoon. I just want to say that this ended up being my favorite area at all of BF. Roger and Jorge were WONDERFUL to work with, I'm quite sure more fun could not be had picking up dog poop. Although many of these dogs were staff only I was still able to work with a lot of them and at least visit with others from afar. A few friends I made today...first up is Reuben. A very serious look from a very sweet pup.Next was a legend from the Best Friends forums...I had read all about Theresa online before my trip. She has quite the following of supporters. Photos do not do this girl just want to cuddle her to pieces! Ophelia was a doll too....I know I keep repeating myself but I can't believe there aren't people lined up to adopt these angels!I have many more pics of the Lodge dogs but I'm going to make another post for those. I did help with feeding and such and will detail more in Thursdays account since I was more hands on then. A few pics of the "kitchen" for the Lodges...Oh...and darling Kima who is staying in the kitchen area for now. :) I read she had a scary bloat incident this past week but that she's doing better. I had to hurry back to DHQ where I found out that Miss Bonnie Belle needed a sleepover in order to be able to attend the mobile adoption this weekend. We headed back...she was such a cutie and I'm happy to report that she's found her forever home! :)We spent a lot of time hanging out on the patio waiting for Jen and watching the horses. I didn't have enough zoom but you can kind of see the horse being exercised with the ATV out there. Tomorrow is a super busy day...Gardens in the morning and Lodges in the afternoon. Stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, March 4th

Today will be short and sweet since I woke up feeling very under the weather. Bessie did wonderful overnight, I "helped" her understand the joy of the bed and she didn't move until morning. When we woke up she would run around then hop back on the bed.Bessie lives in Maggie's Mercantile and I can't stress enough what a complete sweetheart she is. Like so many others at BF I can't imagine why she hasn't been snatched up yet. With a heavy heart I took her back to Dog Headquarters later in the morning. :(

Juliette @ DHQ asked if I could help with a dog that needed to have a sleepover that night. I said sure and I was promptly delivered a little ball of energy named Jazzy. Wow. She is a gorgeous Pit mix who has just the best personality ever. I can honestly say this dog LOVES love and if someone is looking for a complete cuddle-bug she's the dog for you. I quickly found out she is a big fan of riding around so I used the opportunity to explore some. She made quite the co-pilot.We stopped by the little Memorial Park in town, it was very nice and Jazzy enjoyed checking everything out.I decided to drive around and check out some local real estate. It didn't take me long to figure out I couldn't afford to move to Kanab anytime soon. ;)We went through the Wendys drive-thru because I was craving a Frosty where Jazzy about crawled over my head just to say hello to the nice lady at the window with the food. ;) Check out her split-ear in this pic.(She's hard to get pictures ball of energy. That's my excuse for the shoddy pictures anyhow!) We drove out towards Zion but didn't actually enter the park. I came across the Zion Mountain Resort which I thought was gorgeous.
There was still quite a bit of snow here...we got out and played a bit but I don't think she was too enthused about cold paws so it didn't last long. I was still feeling a bit blah so we headed back for a quiet night in the cottage where she graciously let me share the couch and bed with her for the night. ;)Wednesday...a drive through cats, an afternoon at the Lodges and Jen gets here!


I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind in posting....the rest of the pics are uploaded and edited so I'll be posting this week for sure.

I'm a slacker! ;)

Monday, March 3rd Part 4

If you're wondering if this blog will ever get past Monday don't worry, you're not the only one. Here is the last installment for the day. (Thank Dog)

After wandering the horse pastures I had a couple hours to spare so I drove out to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park which is not far from the Sanctuary at all. It's really an awesome sight...coral pink (hence the name, duh) sand dunes as far as the eye can see. I guess it's a big ATV area, but it was empty when I was there except for critter footprints in the sand. The pictures don't do it justice, the sand was so smooth and gave you the insane urge to make sand angels. I drove the (empty) campgrounds and it looks like a great place to camp if you were so inclined. I didnt really explore much for a couple reasons...there was quite the incline in some places and of course you're trudging through sand. I figured no matter how loud I blew my Dogtown whistle nobody could help me there if I keeled over. Plus I was a little creeped out being literally in the middle of nowhere without a soul in sight. (Yes, I took that pic of me with the self timer)

Oh and look....more deer on the way out!I got back to the Sanctuary just in time to pick up Miss. Bessie for another sleepover. I figured she came so far the first night that another night would do her good. Plus I'm totally in love with her. :)