Long overdue, I know...I don't have a ton of pictures from this morning as I did a lot of actual physical work. ;)

We took Miss Bonnie Belle back to Dog Headquarters this morning and turned in her excellent report. She's a doll and her new family is so lucky! I was planning on working at the Lodges today, but Jorge was in the Gardens alone and needed some help. I had a great time with him the day before so I volunteered to head over there to help out. First, however, I couldn't pass up puppy class with the "coffee" dogs...they were all named after coffee drinks. Here's Cathi with one of the pups...
After that I headed to the Gardens where Jorge and I proceeded to clean both octagons. Let me tell you...it's a LOT of work. These buildings are kept spotless, they smell great, the dogs are clean and happy but it doesn't happen magically. My rear was dragging by lunchtime. It felt good, though...much better than sitting at a desk all morning.
A few of the Garden pups...including Bonnie Belle and her roomies. :) (I don't have my journal handy so I'll come back and label the pics)
Long before I came to BF I saw a boy on their site that I just fell in love with....total love. I hadn't seen him yet this week and when I asked Jorge he took me right over. As soon as I saw Ozzie's face I was smitten. He had came from a California rescue that had closed down, he was then adopted and returned after a couple years for "not bonding enough". Sigh. Don't even get me started.

There's a whole Ozzie post coming so I'll stop here about him but I can't say enough what an AWESOME dog he is. By this time it was lunchtime and Jen and I were meeting up at the Sanctuary cafe. I could kick myself for not eating there everyday of the week...unbelievable food. I would be sooo much healthier if I ate like that everyday, I just need to find someone to make it! Or maybe I should move to Kanab. ;)

Next...after lunch we head to the Lodges where I lose my heart a hundred times over. ;)