I am going to journal my trip to Best Friends here instead of mixing it with the other blogs, mostly to keep it on subject and to keep everything handy here. I decided last week to ditch the plans for a big vacation and to spend my time volunteering at BF instead. I have only visited the Sanctuary once in '99 and that was just for a tour so I'm pretty excited about getting to work an entire week here! So here's the 411 so far:

  • Fly into Las Vegas on Saturday early morning
  • Drive to the Sanctuary outside of Kanab
  • Take the afternoon tour of the Sanctuary upon arrival
  • Meet with the volunteer coordinator to loosely plan my week
  • Who knows? I would like to have a sleepover dog but don't know if I'll get there in time.

Sunday through the following Saturday is shady at this point...I need to figure out what all I want to do, what areas I want to work in, etc and go from there. I also want to take the time to see Zion & Bryce parks so need to make a schedule. I'm still working on that part. There are several areas...dogs, cats, birds, pot-bellied pigs, bunnies and horses and although I'll probably lean mostly towards the dogs I want to try everything.

I was lucky enough to book one of the Sanctuary cottages for the week. They are on property by the horse pastures and close to the welcome center. The great thing is I can take a dog each night for a sleepover and socialization. It doesn't get much better than that.

The following Saturday head back to Las Vegas (where I've never been), stay on The Strip and see a few of the sites before flying back on Sunday. I need to find somewhere exciting to stay there that won't cost a fortune. (ha)

So until I leave I'm sure I'll be posting aimlessly left and right on here about nothing in particular. ;)