"OZZIE is a beautiful, solid white Husky mix who is a bit shy, but oh so sweet. It only takes a little patience to get him to become your friend, and then his quiet and steadfast ways are loyally by your side. Even though he's large, he walks beautifully on leash; he also likes to ride in cars, and he likes other dogs."

That is the description of Ozzie from the forums. He lives in the Garden area of the Sanctuary. I saw his picture and was intrigued so I wrote asking for more information. This is what I received back:

"Ozzie is a neutered male (born 2001) 60-pounds Husky mix who came to us from California when the shelter shut down that he was in. He was adopted and returned after 2 years for his shyness and not “bonding” with the people."

This makes me sad...to be in a home for two years after being rescued then being returned for this reason. :*( I hope I can have Ozzie for one of my sleepovers and maybe an outing somewhere fun if he hasn't found his new family by then.