I saw this on the Best Friends site and thought I'd share. It's a fun twist for a Valentines Day gift I think.


This adorable guy, Charmer, is one of the dogs you can sponsor. Here's his description from the site:

"Don't roll out the red carpet! Big, beefy Charmer is afraid of inside flooring -- carpets, linoleum, anything. Pretty goofy! It doesn't make sense until you know he was kept outside on a chain for the first part of his life. He didn't know the luxuries of carpet, red or otherwise.

It's no fun for a dog to be chained outside. Weather conditions can be harsh, and life can be pretty darn boring. Despite his rough beginnings, though, when Charmer was brought to a spay/neuter clinic, the vet techs soon realized he really was a charmer. They convinced his people that he deserved better. So the people gave Charmer up, and eventually, he made his way to Best Friends. Here, this 80-pound, brawny American Bulldog mix has proven to be a loyal, happy guy. He's a bit particular about his dog friends, and doesn't like small animals, but is hoping to find a forever home where he fits in just right. Charmer knows someone will help him learn to walk the red carpet. In the meantime, he'd love to be sponsored and share his charms!"