I went back to visit Angels Rest again, the weather was much nicer today. When I walked in a gentleman approached me, it was Lenny who takes care of the site. He asked if he could help me locate a specific memorial and when I told him no, that I was just visiting he said "Good, good, the kids love having visitors." You can tell he is a very kind soul who cares deeply about these animals. He later told me that the majority of the markers are only memorials and also that 90% were sanctuary animals. The second picture is the Old Friends memorial area, it's very touching. If you look around the "trees" with the chimes the memorial stones are two deep and make the shape of a rainbow. (Thanks to Lenny for that info too) I wish I had gotten better photos but will visit again this week. The site is more peaceful than I can describe, everytime the wind blows the chimes fill the air. While you would think it would be horribly sad and it is to an extent, it really shouldn't be. Yes, they are gone and we miss them horribly but these are the lucky ones. The ones that someone cared about and loved.