Weather...Warm and sunny! Gorgeous day, I was comfortable in a long sleeve shirt, vest and jeans. Low 60's probably.

It's hard to know where to even start so I'll try to go in order. ;) My flight on US Air was great, I had actually never flown with them before. An entire exit row to myself so I can't ask for much more. I ended up upgrading to a small SUV for only $5 more a day once I got to the Avis counter. The Vegas airport wasn't what I expected and I found it a bit smelly IMO. I didn't even get out of the secured area before losing a dollar on the slots so I kept walking after that. I do like how there is just one rental bus to all of the car companies, plus they were constant so there was hardly any wait. I know, nobody cares about the airport, just get to the animals.

There looked to be a ton of construction along the strip, the parts I saw looked very nice and I was happy to see my hotel for next weekend as soon as the plane landed. I have to say that once I was past that I wasn't horribly impressed with Vegas, hopefully I'll get to see more later. The drive to Kanab was pretty easy even though I was worried at some of the cryptic directions. A little before St. George the scenary really was gorgeous so I started my, umm, talent of taking pictures while driving.
About 3.5 hours into the drive I saw the first Best Friends sign so I was pretty excited. Once I got into Kanab I decided I had better stop for some food so I don't starve at the cottage. Loaded up with stuff for PB&Js, chips and Oreos (it's vacation, I can eat what I want) I headed out of town towards Angel Canyon. This was by far the best part of the drive so far.Finally I saw THE sign and I was there!
You turn right directly after the sign and around the next bend is the sign for the Welcome Center. The next mile took me an eternity because I kept stopping and taking pictures. (surprise, surprise)
OK, it's an entire post without one picture of animals. Shameful, I know. Coming up next...the sanctuary tour and I pick up my first sleepover dog.