I check in at the Welcome Center, paid for the cottage and found out that I could take the earlier tour. I met a really nice lady that is here from North Carolina for the week so we hung out until orientation started. Patti was wonderful and explained everything, gave us all the information, our badges and sent us to watch the video. Afterwards we hopped in the van with Jennifer and several other day visitors to take the 90 minute tour. I had not taken the tour since 99 and SO much has changed and grown. It's just unbelievable.

We stopped at one of the cat lodges where I was all excited, went to pull out the camera and it wasn't there. Soooo we toured one section there where I spent the time worrying I had lost one of the cameras on the first day so there is no cat pics yet. Thankfully it had just fallen out in the van so that was a relief. We stopped by the Dotty Octagon (at the Fairway I think) but it was kind of rushed so I snapped a quick couple of pictures. It wasn't until today that I learned to take pictures then ALSO take a pic of the cage cards to match faces with names later. Duh.
I think that last guys name was Joey...he had just moved over from another area to be somewhere warmer with his joint issues.

We finished up the tour and headed back to the Welcome Center. By that time I was getting antsy to get back to Dog Headquarters to get a sleepover dog for the night since you need to do that by 4. The sleepovers while great for the people are really to help the dogs. It gives them a chance for more one on one interaction and to see how they react to things. I finally get over there and they said they were out of room for a few dogs. When that happened they have to sleep overnight in crates and Don suggested I take Spuds. I agreed, not having any idea of what Spuds looked like so you can imagine my surprise when he came around the corner. :)

Spuds has a GIANT head. HUGE. He is Pit Bull/American Staf mix and his profile says he weighs 61 pounds. That said, he's THE biggest baby I think I've ever met.

We settled in at the cottage...he made himself at home quickly and popped the tennis ball that came with him in about five minutes flat. :)

We decided to take a walk back behind the cottage, there is still a lot of snow & ice left in places from last month.
I took Spuds to visit some of the horses...I was curious as to what his reaction would be. I'm happy to report that he couldn't have cared less.

We headed back to the cottage where he took a quick nap on Jen's bed (ha)...He slept while I unpacked my suitcases...until he saw the toy donation bag open. Green stuffy man lost his life in less than three minutes. I took the rest of the stuffing out and he played with the carcass for at least an hour. This boy LOVES to play.

Another nap on the couch and I couldn't stay up any longer. At this point it was only 9:30, but I was exhausted. He made sure to plop himself smack in the middle of my bed and that's where he stayed until morning.

Whoever adopts this guy is one lucky person. He's got it all...looks, personality plus he's so much fun. He had on the harness and is known to pull but he was a doll on the leash the entire time. Sunday....we have a "sleep in" pass so Spuds doesn't have to be back at Dogtown till 10. Dogs are the agenda for the day and a new sleepover pal.

If anyone is interested the rest of the days pictures are at the link below. I haven't taken the time to edit, label or put in order but at least I got them uploaded. ;) If you click on the slideshow button at the top of the page you can then adjust the speed.