Weather: I checked the weather from said 28 with a real feel of 12, it didn't exactly make me hop up. :) I had on long underwear, jeans, thick socks, tshirt, thermal shirt over it and was ok without a jacket. The wind was cutting though and strong, other than that it was bright and sunny. For anyone coming to visit - bring sunglasses that wrap around, the sand is brutal when it's windy.

I have to tell you that this is a good face to wake up to... (yes, I was a horrible roommate and fell asleep with his harness on) I don't think he moved all night except to nudge me over. I even had to get him out of bed to go out, he was content to just lie there. :)
We played for a bit longer before it was time to go back to Dog Headquarters (DH). I know I took a million pics, but who can resist his face?!? I was excited to hear he might be going to his new home in Florida soon. Yay!That's the last Spuds pic, I promise. For today anyhow.

I checked in at DH, they said they needed help over at Maggie's Mercantile (one of the dog areas) I headed over and started walking dogs....I saw this path a lot today. ;)

This handsome boy was the first one up....I think his name was Cody but I'm not 100%. I still hadn't grasped the concept of taking pics of the run charts yet. Thankfully I figured that out after lunch. I do remember he was incontinent though and his caregiver commented how much harder it was to find a home for dogs with this issue. Next up meet Saffron and then Lily....both were wonderful on their leashes and really enjoyed being out and about. When my next little angel came out I fell in love. This is Bessie and although this isn't a very good picture of her there will be more later. I promptly signed up for her to be my sleepover dog tonight. :) Very shy and skittish she reminded me of Tucker so much. (not in looks obviously)

Are you starting to see the large black dog pattern yet? So many of them. :(

When I took Bessie back inside there sat Otis...he had waited patiently at his door for his turn for a walk. He has (I think she said) arthritis in his front legs and he walks with a very heavy limp. We headed out for a leisurely stroll at his pace...which was nice for me too at that point. (I blame the elevation. Ha)

By then it was time for lunch, all the animal areas shut down from noon to 1 daily. I headed into town to find something since my grocery store stash was already looking bleak. I guess you can't live on PB&J and Oreos. Did I mention it was windy???? Next up....the afternoon in Old Friends and my night with Bessie. :)