Finally to the dogs...After feeding at Old Friends it was time to socialize. The caregiver made mention that she thinks this is one of the most important things. (and personally my favorite) First I want to introduce you to Lobo, he is running free in the octagon.

His caregiver said he had just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that is causing him neurological problems. He suffered from seizures all last week but she said he was looking better now. I hope he hangs in there, he's a big sweetheart.

I need to find out his name (I forgot) but I just love this guy. He reminded me a lot of Tucker. You can see their runs have a lot of room with multiple doggy doors and different kinds of beds. All of them had at least one (and usually multiple) Kuranda beds which are great for the older dogs).
Here is Rusty...he came back to his run while I was there. He had just taken his cat test and passed with flying colors! He has a possible home in New York so that is great news. Rusty suffers from a LOT of allergies...including to sage which is not a good thing in this part of the country. He was originally purchased as a "sled dog" but was passed from one home to another before coming to BF. Hopefully he'll be headed North soon.This cute guy is Ohio Patches. He is super shy and would only go as far as sticking his front legs in the doggie door while I visited with his roomies.
Next up is Gwennie. She's a lover for sure and was so affectionate. She really needs a good home, I bet she'd be an awesome family member. Her people left her behind when they moved out of the country.Be still my is Vern. He's a BIG boy who is very huggable. When he came to BF he had a bad problem of chewing his tail completely raw. He was put on medications including anxiety/depression meds and it has helped. He carried his ball the entire time I was in there and he is a doll. He came from a shelter in LA and although he moves a bit slow you can tell he loves attention.One of Vern's roomies is Brandon. He was so sweet, loving and inquisitive. He was determined to figure out what was in my bag. He finally gave up and took a nap instead.I finally tore myself away from Vern and Brandon to visit the next run. First up is Sir Blackie, a black lab that is adorable. One of his roomies is Shasta, this picture doesn't do her justice. She is so pretty and her coat is gorgeous.I would have more pictures of them both, but they share a run with the King of Attention Hogs, Droopy Dooley. He's got it all...a killer smile and is full of charm. I'm shocked he hasn't found a home yet.
The last run I visited that day was the home of Gramps and Maddie. Apparently Gramps is pretty grumpy about making sure he's always getting attention so if you're going to pet Maddie you better have a hand on him too. His highness first...Sweet Maddie was born in 95 and wasn't too interested in getting up. :)Aside from the attention issue they seem to be great friends, Gramps was cleaning her ear when I left.I'll be back at Old Friends this week and will introduce some of the other dogs that live there. I wish more people would consider senior dogs, these guys were all angels and would be great family members. Up next, finally, is Bessie the sleepover dog. :)