Finally it's time to pick up my sleepover dog. When I walked Bessie earlier in the day I had a special connection with her plus I thought it would do her some good to have one on one time. I went to pick her up and she was so fearful, it just breaks your heart.

We loaded up in the car and decided to drive the canyon road back to the cottage. It is undeveloped and runs along the canyon rim and connects on side of the sanctuary to the other. It is definitely not somewhere I would like to drive in bad weather. First we saw deer...she was VERY interested in them out the car window.
We stopped by Angels Rest, but it was just too windy and cold to walk around much. I will go later in the week and will post pictures. It's an incredible place. I was about to delete this picture, but ended up liking the way it looked.
Bessie and I got to the cottage and settled in. She's an exceptional girl, she really is. Loud noises really frighten her and she was so skittish. She finally would nose the plush toy around a little so that was good. It was like she wanted love and attention but was afraid to ask for it if that makes sense.
When I finally got in bed she kept peeking around the doorway of the bedroom. She'd take a few steps in then run back out. When I went back out to the living room about midnight she looked so pathetic lying there on the floor. I ended up hauling my blankets out and sleeping next to her on the floor. I woke up a few times during the night and everytime she was a little bit closer to me. Around 5 am when I woke up she was all the way against me and half way under the covers. :) I also realized I'm too old to sleep on the floor anymore, everything hurt the next day.